Pet groomer in the pet industry: tips for grooming pets



With the increasing status of pet beauticians in recent years, the state has included pet beauticians in the scope of passing the national unified examination. Just like the lawyer's certificate, the pet industry is constantly improving itself. The pet beauticians who hold the license appear to be more and more professional, and their status is significantly improved. In recent years, the large-scale breeding of pets has provided pet groomers with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and many college students have switched careers to become pet groomers.

   Carefully observe the current pet market in my country, especially in recent years, the rapid development of pet grooming. Whether it is dyeing pets or trimming a fashionable look for pets, many pet owners are concerned about it. There are also pet exhibitions around the world to show the body shape and beauty of dogs. Dogs like this kind of competition have higher requirements for grooming. Dyeing pets into various colors or various statues is also a fashion that people are pursuing this year. In this summer, many owners of Chow Chow dyed their pet dogs like pandas. Everyone will have a feeling: Why did the national treasure come out?

The development of the pet industry has led to the development of pet groomers. From the perspective of the pet industry, pet grooming has become one of the most profitable industries in the industry. The ever-changing styles will make you think that pet groomers are the best for pets to show their beauty. teacher. Many people may wonder that every dog ​​has its own temper. Each pet has a different personality, some are more docile, some are more mischievous, and some have a bad personality. Animals are animals after all, and animality is the nature of every animal. The beauticians do not need any requirements for customer service, I believe no pet grooming shop will refuse to give customers grooming. When facing some uncooperative pets, groomers must first ensure their safety before grooming them. In fact, grooming pets is also a matter of skill. Although pet groomers have been bitten by pets in the news this year, this requires groomers to have certain secrets to surrender these pets.

   According to a professional pet groomer, I am discussing pet grooming. Generally speaking, the most sensitive positions for pets, such as the head, back, and buttocks of the pet, are the parts that should not be touched easily. In order to prevent pets from being hostile to you, the best way is to squat and never stand when you see a pet. Touching his neck with your hands is one of the ways to get his favor. This method is the most important and the most common way, so that you will gradually become familiar with your pet. Vigilance will slowly fade away. Before grooming the pet, it’s the most cumbersome. You have to bathe him, check for knotted hair, pluck ear hair, manicure, etc. After that, you need to master the temperature of the water when bathing your dog, usually at 40℃~50. ℃ between. If the water temperature is not appropriate, the pet will appear disobedient and impetuous. It usually takes two hours to make a styling for a pet, but if the pet does not cooperate, it may not be finished in a day. Therefore, good communication with dogs has become a compulsory course for beauticians.