What can cats eat to keep fat?



Does being chubby mean that you have to push your feet up like Newtonian fluid mechanics?That's too bad for a hairy child,because obesity can lead to many diseases,such as fatty liver,hyperlipidemia,high blood pressure,diabetes,motor dysfunction,joint disease,etc.It's a lot of pain,so don't feed the fat ones but the strong ones.

Previous studies have shown that a growing kitten weighs 800g as an example and consumes 180kcal per day;an adult cat in a maintenance state takes 4kg as an example and consumes 250kcal per day;pregnant and lactating female cats weigh 4kg and feed 4 babies For example,cats consume 540kcal per day.

Cats are carnivorous animals and need to be supplemented with protein,fat and amino acids.In addition,cats also need the supply of vitamins and trace elements.

Fat:According to cat nutrition,the recommended content of total fat in the diet is between 22%and 55%,depending on the type of cat.Generally speaking,pork,animal liver,and egg yolk contain more fat.You can feed them appropriately in your daily snacks.Don't feed your liver too much.

Protein and amino acids:A variety of amino acids should be added to daily feeding.Fish and some vegetables can provide enough amino acids.The requirement of protein and amino acids for lactating cats is higher by about 240g/kg.

Common mineral elements:calcium.Compared with dogs,cats consume relatively less calcium.Studies have shown that changing the calcium to phosphorus ratio does not significantly affect the calcium absorption of adult cats.In addition to calcium,the diet also needs to contain phosphorus,magnesium,sodium,potassium,chlorine and other trace elements.The specific ratio depends on the cat's breed.

Vitamins:As cats cannot use carotenoids,retinoids should be provided in the diet,about 300~600ug/d.In addition,the diet also needs vitamin D,E,K,B1,B6,niacin,pantothenic acid,folic acid,biotin,choline and other vitamins.

Having said so much,I actually want the shovel officer to pay attention to the nutritional content table at the back when buying cat food to see what the meat content is,and at least choose cat food with a meat content of more than 40%.Don’t choose cat food that costs a few dollars a catty.Not only is there no meat,but there is also a lot of aflatoxin.Cats will get sick after eating for a long time!

In addition,you can also feed some homemade rice,cooked chicken breast,animal liver,beef,shrimp,etc.with a small amount of carrots,broccoli,pumpkin puree,tomatoes,etc.,which not only supplements vitamins but also has protein Fatty amino acids.

The editor usually feeds them regularly and gives them extra meals in the afternoon.Because their own fur kids don’t want to drink water,they sometimes use cat food plus homemade food and add some water to it.Mainly feed with homemade food,so that the master can successfully hair his cheeks and become strong.