What should you pay attention to when putting your dog in a friend’s house and putting it in a pet shop?



Holidays are approaching,many pet owners have made travel plans,but everyone considers who should take care of their dogs during the time they are out?Foster care is not a trivial matter.There are many details that need our attention.

If you are going to entrust your dog to the care of an acquaintance,it is best to send the dog to your friend's house a few days before you go out,so that they can have a process of getting acquainted with each other.During this period,you should also look at the dog more,otherwise,if you suddenly cannot see you,it may cause him to think that he has been abandoned,resulting in poor mood or aggressive behavior.In addition to the daily necessities,you must not forget the dog’s favorite toy.If it is convenient,you can prepare an old clothes with your smell to make the dog feel that you are always by his side.

Give your dog’s daily life planning a form to your friend,which will record the daily feeding amount,dog walking time,rest time and other data,as well as some small habits of the dog,such as giving it before going to bed A tooth stick,soothing it before going out,etc.

Some friends may send their dogs to a pet boarding agency.For this kind of commercial boarding agency,the owners should keep their eyes open.Whether it is sent to a pet shop or a boarding center,be sure to choose a good reputation,and Foster an experienced merchant.

When carrying out foster care,pay attention to whether the pet’s living environment is clean and sanitary,and whether the service staff are patient enough to bring pets.It is also worth noting that when communicating with the business about foster care,it is very important to see if the other party asks you to show a recent immunization or health certificate!Some owners may think it is unnecessary,but you have to understand that if you do not need to prove the health of your dog,others do not.Despite being separated by a cage,would you rest assured that your dog and other dogs that may have infectious diseases live in the same room for a few days?

In addition,the business will sign a foster care agreement with you during foster care.The owner must see and negotiate the payment.The content generally covers the living environment,diet,going out,cleaning,and handling of diseases.If there are any special features in the care of your dog,it must be mentioned in advance.

However,for most foster care institutions,due to the constraints of conditions and the convenience of feeding and management,dogs live in cages for a considerable part of the time.Although foster care workers take them out to play every day,this may still affect the dog's mental health.Therefore,the owners still need to consider carefully when they are in foster care.Even if they go to a foster care institution for foster care,the time should not exceed 5 days.Especially some older dogs,they need more careful care,it is best to find a trusted person for foster care.