Understand the 5 kinds of conditioned reflexes of dogs, it is easier to train



After keeping a dog for a long time, some owners find that dogs also have various forms of unconditioned reflex activities, just like some small behaviors that humans do not consciously. These activities are not only necessary conditions for dogs to maintain normal survival, but also a necessary basis for training dogs. Knowing the reflex activity of dogs, parents may get twice the result with half the effort in the process of training their dogs!

1. Food reflex

Dogs get food to maintain what they need to survive. The owner can establish and strengthen the dog's attachment to the owner through feeding and management to ensure the normal survival and development of the dog. At the same time, the dog’s appetite can also be used to induce certain actions, and food rewards can be used to strengthen and consolidate the dog’s correct actions.

2. Free reflection

Dogs will break free from restrictions on their own activities. This kind of reflex activity is used in dog training and is an important strengthening method and an effective measure to regulate the activity state of the nervous system.

Understand the 5 kinds of conditioned reflexes of dogs, it is easier to train

3. Prevent reflection

Dogs use this to maintain their own safety and take active offenses or passive evasion against the victim. The training of preventive reflexes is the basis of bravery, alertness and quality training.

4. Explore reflections

Dogs can be aware of changes in the external environment and things in a timely manner to ascertain their own interests in order to take corresponding actions. This reflex is the basis for cultivating the dog's vigilance ability and inducing the dog to smell and recognize the smell.

Understand the 5 kinds of conditioned reflexes of dogs, it is easier to train

5. Hunting reflex

This is the main means for wild dogs to survive and feed. After the domestication of dogs, this characteristic has been degraded. In the training, patience, meticulous and ingenious induction can be used to fully reconcile and cultivate the dog's high excitement and strong possessiveness for obtaining the desired object. This is an important basis for cultivating the ability to track, identify, and search.

Do you understand the reflex activity of these dogs? If you don’t understand, hurry up and learn, this is the right-hand man for training dogs!