China's pet products seize the market and develop endlessly



The emergence of pet food and the formation of the pet product market originally belonged to the economies of developed countries such as Europe and the United States.Our country is in a developing country and is amazed by their luxurious life.With the continuous development of our country's economy,the improvement of people's living standards,the formation of pet culture and other factors,the style of pets has also appeared in some developed areas of our country.A large number of wealthy people have become the main body of noble pet consumption.These people either treat pets as their family and friends.Some people use them to flaunt their high-end life.There are also people who pursue fashion.The growth of pets has led to the development of pet products,and the coverage area is getting wider and wider.

China's pet market consumption characteristics

Since the pet industry swept China,the pet economy has been in a state of continuous development.So far,it has gone through decades of running-in,but there is still no complete series in this industry.The long gestation period of China's pet market has a lot to do with Chinese pet consumption culture.Although modern people's thinking has changed,and the viewpoint of pet raising is gradually taking shape,the extravagant consumption of pet raising is in contradiction with the Chinese tradition of saving,followed by the contradiction between people's hard work and leisure life.Western countries focus on spiritual culture and entertainment,so there are many entertainment methods and a wider range of influences.But it is different in China.Many wealthy people do not regard leisure and entertainment as an important part of their lives,and their leisure and entertainment methods are relatively simple.Therefore,China's pet products market needs to develop a pet consumer culture and create a good image of pursuing the quality of leisure life.Treat pet supplies as a cultural industry and leisure and entertainment industry to stimulate consumer awareness and market recognition.

The status quo of domestic pet products development

As a leader in the pet industry,pet products have successfully attracted a large number of entrepreneurs.There are more than 4,000 pet companies in my country.Only about 10%of large and medium-sized companies have fixed assets of 10-50 million yuan.Small companies with fixed assets of less than 10 million yuan account for 90%.Most of these companies are private enterprises.Due to the late start of my country’s pet industry and the immature development of the domestic market,the products are basically sold abroad.Most of the export methods are drawing and sample processing.They are mainly exported to markets in Europe and the United States where the living is relatively rich.The main pet products exported are labor Mainly intensive products.In recent years,with the continuous rise of the domestic pet market,people's income and consumption have gradually increased,and the concept of pet raising has gradually changed.The domestic market has also begun to attract the attention of domestic and foreign pet product manufacturers.

pet products marketing strategy

The development of pet supplies is inseparable from the pet consumer market.After all,supplies are only a branch of the pet industry.Therefore,we must pay close attention to the overall situation and development prospects of pet market consumption.The first is to change people's traditional thinking and concepts,deepen pet consumption culture and pursue high quality of leisure life.The second is to narrow the relationship with the pet consumer market,and have a comprehensive understanding of pet shops,pet hospitals,and pet grooming shops,because many of the current pet product industries rely on these shops to exist.If it is the initial stage of pet product investment,consider When you don’t understand the market and some risks,you can cooperate with these stores and then come out independently.The third is to focus on brand marketing strategies.Brands are the soul of a company's existence and have a great influence in the hearts of consumers.

The pet industry is developing late,and there are huge potential opportunities to be improved and tapped.As the leader of the pet industry,pet supplies have immeasurable development potential in the future.With the development of living standards and the improvement of material life,in the next 5 years As the demand for pets continues to rise,people have laid a good foundation for the huge pet economy.