Pets urinate and urinate anywhere, the owner has to pay



With the improvement of people’s living standards,more and more pets have flooded into people’s lives and into cities.From an objective point of view,keeping pets was originally a commendable thing,which further advocated the"human and animal The theme of Harmony.However,recently we have received many complaints from citizens about pets,and incidents of uncivilized pets abound.

urinate anywhere

The phenomenon of pet dogs urinating and defecating anywhere is very serious,especially in parks,communities,and on both sides of roads.These are stubborn health problems and cause headaches for the staff.Regardless of whether it is a community or a park,there are related regulations to regulate this phenomenon.Not long ago,the"dog ban"implemented by the park caused a turmoil.The citizens clapped and cheered,but the pet lovers were indignant,they said.Limit the freedom of the dog.If you don’t take your pet out for a walk in the evening,it is not good for your pet’s health,and you are usually busy with work and you have almost no time.Community service staff also took great pains,there are"pet potty houses"set up in the corner of the lawn,the owner only needs to bring the pet to a fixed place,and the community staff will clean it regularly.There is also a"poop bag"stored at a fixed point,which the owner can collect for free.However,none of these seem to work.Some staff members took the initiative to hand over"poop bags"when they saw the owner walking the dog.There are a lot of pets in large cities such as Shanghai and Beijing.In order to prevent pets from urinating and defecate all over the city,the government has to adopt a“fine”method to ensure the urban environment.If pet owners violate the regulations and do not clean up their feces in time,they may be Confiscate pets and impose a fine of not less than RMB 30 and not more than RMB 200 per pet.For the betterment of the community environment,I hope that when the owner goes out to walk the dog,he will carry plastic bags and old newspapers with him to clean up the puppies at any time.

Large dogs do not leash

Large dogs are extremely aggressive,especially vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly.Faced with powerful rivals,they are helpless.The"Regulations on the Administration of Dog Raising of Shanghai Municipality"expressly prohibits the raising of sever dogs by individuals.The Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Agriculture Committee have jointly issued the"Notice on the List of Severe Dogs Prohibited by Individuals in this Municipality"accordingly,clearly stipulating that mastiffs and wolves Dogs and bulldogs are three types of prohibited dogs,and hybrid dogs of the bloodline of the strong dogs are also prohibited.However,we can still see sturdy dogs in various communities.The owner does not need to leash or wear muzzles for pets,allowing them to freely shuttle back and forth in the community.Therefore,many parents dare not let their children go out alone.Afraid of being bitten by this type of dog.

In the evening,the reporter interviewed several dog-walking pets in a park.They all vowed to say:"Our baby is very well-behaved.He can't urinate and defecate,and he never barks at night,which does not affect the residents."Let go of the leash to"show"to the reporter.Maybe these babies are obedient to the owner,but others don't think so.After all,pets are animals and are aggressive,especially strangers.No one can predict what it will be.When I go crazy,then passers-by are the ones who suffer.